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1 - 2 to Show Spades and a Minor

While simulating hands to answer another system question, my attention was drawn to how powerful responder's 5-5 hands in the sub-invitational range can be, if opener has a fit, and how difficult they can be to describe.

Playing 2-way checkback and Gazzilli, pard and I haven't been finding the 1 - 2 strong jump shift as useful as we used to, and I'm not necessarily a big fan of weak jump shifts (here, we have the majors covered, and ours is an IMP-oriented system, so I'm not concerned about raising my chance of scoring 110 vs 100, for instance).  Our four card heart raises are well-covered by other bids.

So, what if we used 1 - 2 to show 5 spades and a 5 card minor with ~ 8-9 HCP?  Anyone tried anything like that?  Thoughts on how well it might work? (I haven't tried simulating yet, but probably will.)

Are there other good uses we should be thinking about for 1 - 2?

(Context is 5cM, strong NT, no Kaplan inversion.)

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