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2NT Opening Agreements

I keep seeking better methods for handling the difficult 2C and 2NT openings and responses in mainstream methods.

With regard to 2NT, I paid a visit to BWS 2017 for base-line expert:

"These methods apply after a two-notrump opening bid, a two-notrump rebid by a two-club opener following a two-diamond response, and a two-notrump rerebid by a two-club opener in the sequence two clubs — two diamonds — two hearts (Birthright) — two spades (relay) — two notrump:

(a) Texas (four-level) transfers, after which four notrump is Key-Card Blackwood and a new-suit bid is Exclusion Key-Card Blackwood;

(b) Gerber;

(c) three spades showing both minors;

(d) Jacoby (three-level) transfers, after which a notrump bid or a new-suit bid is natural, a self-raise to the four-level is a slam-try, and a new-suit jump is an autosplinter (a one-suiter with shortness in the bid suit);

(e) Stayman, with responder's three-of-a-major rebid over three diamonds Smolen. There is no agreement on the difference between showing the same major-suit shape via transfer and via Smolen."

(An aside: 2/3rds of TBW experts favor a super-acceptance of the major suit transfer bid -- meaning, 1/3rd do not.)

There is no polling discussion, I don't believe, after any Notrump opening in Bridge World Standard on Puppet, Muffet -- or Stuff-it!

For more insight, I queried the "horse's mouth" on the probability of holding a 5-card major in a "standard" 2NT opening.

I put the question this way:

"Given a mainstream 2NT opening, what proportion might be 5332 with a 5-card major? (Perhaps 10%?)."

The response boils down to about 14.4%. (Not a small number.)

I offer all this as possible food for thought in agreement development.

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