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A Toy Allowing Weak in Either Minor Through Minor Suit Stayman

Most are no doubt familiar with the use of Minor Suit Stayman as a route to showing a diamond bust, but while pard and I were tinkering with our MSS structure, it occurred to me that it can be used for club busts as well with a simple modification. If we invert the meaning of the 3C and 3D replies, and reply 3C with both minors, we can always get to 3D and we get to 3C after a 2NT response or a 3C response showing both minors. The only time we get driven to the four level is when pard shows 4+ clubs by bidding 3D. Opposite silent opps, having a ten card or longer fit when responder is weak is a rare event (~ 1/8 of the times that responder holds a club bust after 1NT (P), depending on what parameters you use for silent opps). And even when you *do* get to 4C and go down, the opps will usually have been able to make a contract at the three level (if they manage to bid it).

I'm probably not the first one to think of it, and it won't of course be of use to pairs that don't use MSS or that have another easy way to handle minor suit busts. We may not even continue using it ourselves. (Per discussion on a recent thread, I'm having my doubts about the value of showing minor suit invitational hands at all, and we might switch to showing our weak minor suit hands directly, allowing some mildly beneficial tweaks to our MSS structure.) But I just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone found it useful.

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