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An ACBL Redistricting Proposal

Examining the district populations for my article on club table counts reminded me how unequal the district populations are. Because each district has only one representative on the national board of directors, there is a significant distortion of the indirect voting power of each ACBL member, very much at odds with the principle of one member one vote that is enforced at the unit and district levels. I consider this situation in more detail here:

I propose the following redistricting:

ACBL redistricting proposal map

Yes, only nine districts!

As long as we are going through the upheaval of redistricting we might as well restructure the board at the same time into a lean meaner decision making machine along the lines suggested by Bob Hamman and others. This isn't pie in the sky. The topic was discussed at the Reno NABC though to my knowledge no specifics of the discussion were publicly released.

Incidentally, does anyone know if the districts were once similar in population? Is the disparity something that has gotten worse or a long standing problem?

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