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Another Proposal for SF

On the agenda  Submitted by: Mike Kovacich, D7 Director


Committee: NABCPurpose: “The purpose is to request the Board of Directors exercise its authority to allowstarting times for NABC events other than the default starting times. The Board of Directors canauthorize and Unit 253 Board has voted unanimously requesting that the Board of Directorsdesignate starting times desirable to the local players and the volunteers who will be attendingand staffing the tournament.”

Item: 192 –

Moved that:Under the authority granted to the ACBL Board of Directors in Chapter VIII, North AmericanBridge Championships – D. Events/Schedules, Section 1.2, that the Board approve the followinglisted game times for the 2023 Fall NABC to be held in Atlanta, GA.The approved game times would be 10 AM and 3 PM for the following events:(a) The Super Senior (which is currently helt at 10 AM and 3 PM; (b) The 0 - 10,000 Swiss;(c) The 0 - 6,000 Mini Blue Ribbon; (d) The 0 - 10,000 Fast Pairs; (e) The Senior Mixed Pairs(f) The main event Regional events; and (g) any event added to future fall NABC schedulesthat either has an upper master point limit or that is limited to Seniors.


I have already been told that the Motion has little chance of passing.


I realize many players prefer 1 and 730 schedule  but there is a large group that prefers daytime schedule. I also realize that the BOD hates the idea because it interferes with their activities during the NABCs. 


Atlanta is taking on hosting three NABCs in 10 years (a huge local burden) and our area has a strong preference for this proposal. Since 2013 there will have been 30 NABCs at 1 and 730 when Atlanta occurs in 2023. 

It only seems fair that there should be ONE daytime events shedule for some of the NABC events.


Please urge your District Director to vote in favor of the District 7 and Atlanta's request on starting times.

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