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BBO Best Hand Idea

As we all know, the majority of bot tournaments on BBO, including the nationally rated ones, as well as the default settings in other places (e.g. Challenges) is "best hand".  Presumably the majority of BBO users prefer it this way because with the best hand, your odds of ending up as declarer (or your partner ending up as declarer - which is just as good since you swap seats when your robot partner declares) are high.  And even if you end up defending, at least you have enough high card points that your decisions are interesting.

There are various complaints one can make about this scheme, but the one for me that makes these hands "not bridge" is the fact that you can make inferences about what's going on because you know nobody else at the table has as many HCP as you do.  If I have 12 HCP, I know our side isn't bidding game on power and when LHO makes a bid showing "11-16", I know (but nobody else at the table knows) that's "11-12".

My proposal keeps the benefits in paragraph one while avoiding the downsides of paragraph two.  Replace "best hand" with "good hand".  Specifically, give the human South >= 13 HCP, but otherwise no restriction on the four hands.  You'll never play the "everyone has 9-11 around the table" hands, but those are usually pass outs or completely random anyway.  And in return, your tournaments start to look more like "bridge" rather than "bridge except for the fact that the deal bias means all of these various other things are impossible".

Thoughts anyone?

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