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Bridge= Math?

Lately, as I went through websites talking about why someone should play bridge, they mention that bridge is like math.


I do not like this analogy.


While fundamentally, bridge is like math in the regards that the basis is logic. However, saying bridge is math does not accurately present this correlation. Math currently has a negative connotation to it in kids' eyes. It is homework, it is school (eew), it is painful, it is complicated and confusing calculus, it is not fun nor competitive. It does not accurately portray the competitiveness, the socialness, the joy you get when you use your logic to figure out a problem in bridge. I sure become happier when I find a squeeze then solving x+5=8.

I think a more accurate description of bridge is that it is "a game where you use logic to beat your opponents". This, as opposed to "bridge is like math", includes the logic part from math, leaves out the negative connotations, and reveals the competitiveness.


One thing I'm not sure about is when people mention the memorization part. Yes, in bridge, there is a lot of memorizing involved. I'm not sure if having to memorize things would appeal to people, as I don't like memorization games. Bridge is different in that there are rewards for memorizing the cards played in that it helps me make winning plays, while it is not what makes me win. As opposed to games where you flip two cards over and if they match, you keep them, and if they don't, you flip them over and have to memorize where and what they are to win, bridge requires you to memorize the cards played AND use logic to make use of the information.



Be careful of comparing bridge to math. I suppose when convincing parents you might want to mention math, but I think certainly with kids you don't want to.

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