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Director Ruling on Mis-Information

Sectional Team game.  All players decent experienced B level.

Dealer opens 1.  LHO overcalls 2NT.  This bid is explained as 15-18 HCP, balanced!  Responder now bids 3.  Opener has a little more than a minimum opening, but decides that his side has at most 25 HCP, probably less since partner's bid was merely competitive, with the strong hand over his, so he passes.

It turns out that the overcaller did have an Unusual 2NT bid, that was the agreement, and RHO gave an incorrect explanation.

The director was called, and eventually ruled that the non-offenders "had been around the block," and should have known the bid was U2NT.  Everyone he asked would have bid 4H without question on that auction.

I believe the director gave the wrong ruling.  After the misinformation, opener was in a no-win situation.  If he believed the explanation, his passing 3NT, while perhaps not best, was at least reasonable if the LHO had what was described.  If he believed that the bid was U2NT, bid 4, and went down because the explanation was correct, he would have no recourse.  If responder had known the bid was U2NT, she would have bid 3 to show a good raise, and 4 would have been obvious.

Even though a different ruling would have changed the final results somewhat, we chose not to appeal, as the effect involved only a small amount of MPs.  Plus everyone wanted to get out of there, us included.Smile

Please comment on this ruling.  I'd like to understand what to do should I be involved in a similar situation in the future.  Thanks.

(Note: I do not know opener's exact hand, but I don't think that is relevant here.  It was a normal, a little better than minimum hand.)

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