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How to top players feel about bracket-1 KO's being small vs. populated with those playing up?

I posed this question in the middle of another thread and there was no response, and while Buddy Hanby started another thread, it also got no response, perhaps due to the non-descriptive title.

For those that are too modest to call themselves a "top player" I will ask all of you who are regularly assigned bracket 1 when entering KO's to share their thoughts.

How do you feel about people playing up into bracket 1 who don't have the points to be there, but have no other option if they want to play up?   Do they turn the early rounds into a crap shoot?  Is it a waste of your time and money?    Do you prefer the larger fields, even if the quality suffers?  Are you happy to just play some different people?  Would you rather play a smaller, more qualified field, even if it's only 4 or 5 teams?

We see many posts and threads about people wanting to play up against better competition, or where they feel their MP levels SHOULD be if the ranking system wasn't inane.  But I've never seen feedback about how the top players feel about it.

I know I want to play up for the same reason the top players may not want me to.  I've been put in brackets where my team of younger players was so much better than the field in a lower level KO, since the only ranking tool was MP accumulation, we won by so much it wasn't fun for anyone and half the teams quit at the break.  


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