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How was your first bridge clob experience?

There was a really iinteresting post recently asking about how people leaned bridge.  tt got me wondering about how people found thier first ever club game.  Mine was interesting to say the least.   I played with the club secretary who was also the director-I later found he was a terrible player but an excellent director.  My very first hand we bid ! 2 and  a passed hand bid 2 and made three.  It mystified mr at the time.  The great thing was the secretary was always available to play with a single player and opps were friendly. Not all clubs were like hat.  

I was as a result advised to try rubber bridge at the Acol club, where Joe Amsbury was the host.  His knowledge of the game and enthusiasm were a great source of inspiration. He introduced me to a number of fine players and got me a voluntary job caddying when the Sharif Bridge Circus came to town and spent a lot of the time watching Garozzo and Belladonna.  They were amazing.  Pkaying rubber bridge for money was in my view the best way to learn as mistakes hurt your pocket.  

What about your experience?  

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