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I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore

AQT, Ax, Qxx, KQTxx.

Regional KO.

LHO opens 1H, partner bids 1S, RHO passes. You bid 2C which you believe in your partnership is natural and forcing. Partner alerts and when asked says, "transfer to diamonds." LHO passes and partner bids 2D.  You bid 4S. Partner passes.

Partner held J98xx, Kx, Kxx, AJx. (Might they have held Kxxxx, xx, Kxx, Axx?)

No surprise the SK is offside (not singleton).

After the hand is over, the director is called with respect to whether you took advantage of UI and bid 4S to avoid an accident. The facts are not in dispute. The director hears the complaint and has the unmitigated gall to say to the table, "Result stands. No harm, no foul."

(At the other table, Annie and I reached 6 down one. No, I am not proud of our result but we didn't have a way to set trump, find the DK, and ask for two keycards. I invite suggestions as to auctions that work. Note, we don't play that the 2H cuebid by advancer promises support nor would 2C be forcing.)

Director is correct. "Chill dude. What do you expect? You are in Iowa."
Difficult problem. Director should have conducted a poll. Possibilty of a split ruling.
Director was off her f'ing rocker and incorrect in both her ruling and gratuitous comment.

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