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IBPA MPP Book of the Year Shortlist

The International Bridge Press Association has announced the shortlist for the 2020 Master Point Press Book of the Year. The finalists include Bridge Winners Press's When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It)by Adam Parrish.

Congratulations to all the finalists. The IBPA's announcement is below.


This year, we had an unusually large number of nominees (ten) for the Master Point Press IBPA Book of the Year. We have winnowed those ten down to a shortlist of six, presented here with blurbs from their publishers. This is without doubt the most-unusual collection of bridge books on any shortlist since MPP began sponsoring the award 15 years ago.

David Bird& Larry Cohen, On the Other Hand: Bridge Cardplay Explained, Master Point Press, 2019, 228 pp. David Bird and Larry Cohen combine to presentcardplay instruction in an entirely new way. One hundred pairs of deals are shown: one described by Bird and the other by Cohen. The deals look similar(in some cases very similar) but an entirely different line of play is necessary to make each of the contracts.

Jeppe Juhl, Master of Bridge Psychology: Inside the Remarkable Mind of Peter Fredin, Master Point Press, 2018, 216 pp. Peter Fredin of Sweden won the 2009 European Pairs championship, and is a multiple medallist in events at the world level. His style and approach to bridge owe more to psychology than to the mathematics of the game, something that often lands him in unusual situations at the table. Being one of the world’s best card players, he can generally find a way to extricate himself. Danish journalist Jeppe Juhl has collected some of Fredin’s best and worst moments into a book that offers superlative entertainment for any bridge player.

Eric Kokish & Mark Horton, Close Encounters Book 2: Bridge’s Greatest Matches(2003-2017), Master Point Press, 2019, 318 pp. Book 2 of Close Encounters starts with Italy’s losing a world title on the final board, and ends with the USA’s nail-biting 2-IMP victory over France in Lyon in 2017. The book features battles for World and National titles, involving the world’s greatest players, including amazing comebacks, down-to-the-wire finishes, overtime victories, and insights into how the game has changed over the last decades.

Adam Parrish, When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It), Bridge Winners Press, 2019, 255 pp. Adam Parrish gives the same thorough and understandable treatment to notrump contracts that he gave to trump contracts in When to Draw Trumps. The first section deals with common issues in notrump bidding:when you need a stopper, when to bypass a four-card major to bid notrump, when to choose notrump over a major-suit fit. The second section deals withthe thought process and tools declarer needs to play notrump contracts.

Marc Smith,Enterprising Bridge Tales – The Next Generation, “To boldly go where no bridge players have gone before”, Master Point Press, 2018, 247 pp. Decades after the adventures of Captain James T. Quirk and the crew of the USS Competitor, we now follow the next generation of bridge crusaders as they traverse the universe in the 24th century. Led by Captain Jonathan Lucian Pillar III, the starship’s latest incarnation is crewed by many familiar characters: an android Science Officer, an imposing Klingon as Chief of Security, and a young boy who learned the game playing against robots on the ship’s holodeck.

Avon Wilsmore, Under the Table: The Case Against the Blue Team,Hamman & Associates,LLC, 2019, 396 pages. This book looks at the actions of the Italian Blue Team, whose incredible run of victories includes 16 World Championships from 1957 to 1975. Throughout that time, there were suspicions about how these victories were achieved. Were these suspicions justified? The actions of administrators in response to the problem of cheating over the last 60 years is discussed in detail. It may well be the case that an unofficial policy of minimizing the scandal in the 1950s and 1960s led to the cheating made public in 2015.

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