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In The Well: David Berkowitz

David and Lisa BerkowitzDavid Berkowitzhas had a stellar bridge career. He won his first national championship, the Blue Ribbon Pairs, on his 29th birthday with Ron Andersen and now has over 30 national championships. With Larry Cohen, he placed second in the 1998 World Open Pairs and won the 1999 Cap Gemini Invitational Pairs. Inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame in 2010, Berkowitz is still going strong: he won the Fishbein Trophy for most masterpoints at the Atlanta Summer NABC by winning the Grand National Teams for the eighth time and placing second in the Spingold. Today, he enters the Well to answer your questions.

David was born in Brooklyn, NY where he spent the first portion of his life. He learned to play bridge watching his father, Harold, at the kitchen table. He also learned pinochle from his grandfather and Mah-Jong from his mother at the same table, anything to avoid school work.

His college bridge started at SUNY Stony Brook, where he more or less majored in bridge for many years. While there he started his first real partnership with Bob Sartorious. He got his accounting degree at Long Island University and started working as a CPA. He later left accounting, and with the help of Mike Becker successfully traded options in NY for over 20 years.
His early bridge partners included Harold Lilie, Stan Tulin, Jim Jacoby, Zia, Jeff Meckstroth, Kathie Wei, Lew Stansby, and Jeff Wolfson. Later he moved on to Larry Cohen, Alan Sontag, Bob Hamman, Gary Cohler, andMigry Zur-Campanile. Of course his favorite partner is his wife Lisa, and he enjoys playing with his children Dana and Michael, accomplished players in their own right.
Shortly after 9/11 (he was in the WTC that morning) he retired to paradise (Boca Raton, FL) where he continues to play serious bridge and not-so-serious golf.
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