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Is there UI here? Or just bad bridge

At a sectional open pairs recently, RHO dealt and the auction went:


(P) - P - (1S) - P

(2C*) - P - (2S) - P

(4S) all pass

* - 2C was announced (not alerted) as showing 3 card support and 7-9 HCP.

After the auction, partner put down her lead face down and then I asked if the explanation of 2C was correct.  It was, of course, incorrect, and showed 3 card support and an invitational hand (big surprise).  At that point I called the director, since it seems to me that RHO isn't entitled to the information that his partner is confused about Drury, and that bidding game after his partner had nominally shut down the auction suggested he was taking advantage of the UI.  Director ruled against me.  But it seems to me that one of two things must be true here.  Either RHO is making use of UI, or this is just bad bridge.  Thoughts?


There's definitely a UI problem here; the director should have ruled differently.
It's just bad bridge.

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