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Jay Whipple, the ACBL, BBO, and clubs everywhere have joined together to set up real Black Point Club games online.

Help for ten's of thousands of frustrated duplicate players, and thousands of struggling bridge clubs, may be just around the corner.

Today at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to be exact.

ACBL clubs, like so many small businesses across the country, are facing an existential crisis. Just imagine what it is going to be like, come April 1st, when tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, health clubs, clothing stores, psychiatrist's offices, movie houses, and bridge clubs are going to have to come up with the next month's rent. With the huge drop off in traffic that we are all experiencing, many will be forced to consider how long the threat will last, how realistic the chances are of making it through, and decide to close their doors and hand the keys to the landlord. Our bridge clubs, like so many of these businesses, are already struggling to keep our employees from losing their livelihood.

 For bridge clubs everywhere there may be a white knight. And it happens to be you!!

Former ACBL Board President and Common Game founder, Jay Whipple, with the help of ACBL executives, Bridge Base Online, and clubs across the country, has developed a plan that will allow our players to earn real Black and maybe even real Gold Points without leaving their homes. Online club bridge games will be rewarding real ACBL Black Points. At the same time that regularly scheduled live face-to-face duplicate games will be going on at clubs everywhere, you will be able to play those same hands right alongside  your home club's game online. Even better, you'll be playing with other at-home players from your club. You'll get to compare your results with both your online opponents and those at the clubs. And you'll be able to continue earning real Master Points, up to 2.5 per session.

Just as important, and perhaps critical to the clubs' and perhaps the League's survival, is that because the lion's share of the card fees generated from these special games will be going to the clubs, online players everywhere will be able to lend that helping hand to bridge clubs throughout ACBL land.

Two trial games will be played today (sorry for the late notice) at 1:00 pm and at 4:00 pm. Only a handful of clubs throughout the country were asked to participate. (In my area, it was our Cavendish Club that received the honor!)

Here is the official plan: 

Come play a Club Game On-line.

In response to the present club situation, we would like to offer the alternative of on-line "Club" games.

As someone who has played recently at (the name of the trial club this is being sent to goes here) you are invited to participate in a test of on-line club play.

Who: You must be a BBO member to participate.

When: Today, Sunday, March 15th at either (or both) 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm ET.

Each game will last 2 hours. You'll play 18 boards. 

Platform: Bridge Base OnLine

No Robots

The cost will be $3/game

Regular club Black Points will be awarded at exactly the same rate as you'd expect to earn them at your club game.

Join us from the comfort of your home. Help us test this new "Club" game venue so we can help to keep club duplicate bridge alive and well during this most unusual time in our country's history.

If you would like to be part of this trial event, please click on the link below and follow the instructions:PLEASE NOTE: This game will be found under "Tournaments" on BBO

Login and find your "Tournament"

Registration opens two hours prior to each game (although 15 mins prior to the game is usually sufficient). At that time players can indicate who their partner is or they may request a partner.

This test game is being offered through a collaboration between ACBL, BBO, The Common Game, and selected clubs throughout the country.

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