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KO: Waving the white flag not allowed? (ACBL)

So you crush the other team in the first half of a KO. The opponents don't want to play the second half.

That's great, but you are on a 5 or 6 person team. Do the opponents have to play, even though they don't want to, so that your 5/6th person can play half the boards and don't forfeit their placing?

"1. For any given overall award, a player must play at least 50% of each match or a KO (excluding 1st round) and 50% of the total boards played by the team. No player may play any match after it has become mathematically impossible for him to play at least 50% of the boards (excluding play-off boards) played by his team OR failed to play in at least half of each match other than the first.

"2. A player who fails to maintain participation eligibility in an event receives match awards. A player who was, but no longer is, entered on a team in a KO event may not participate in a concurrent championship event (two or more sessions) while the team is still competing in the KO.

"3. If it is determined by the DIC that a player(s) or team withdrew from a KO for emergency reason(s), the player(s) or team will receive all masterpoints earned to that point."



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