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On another tab there is an ad for Master Classes: Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess.  Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker. Steve Martin Teaches Comedy. Dan Brown Teaches Writing (Thrillers). Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz Piano. etc.

Who do we nominate to teach the Master Class on Bridge? Not necessarily the best player, nor perhaps even the best analyst. But best teacher.

I don't really know who to populate in the poll list other than Michael Rosenberg and Kit Woolsey so I am just sort of shooting in the dark here. There are a couple of regular contributors to BW that I think I would put on this list if I were not afraid of insulting some others that I consider of near similar calibar.

Rank your top 8 choices, 1 being your top choice.

Michael Lawrence
Eddie Kantar
Kit Woolsey
Richard Pavlicek
Alan Sontag
Eric Rodwell
Michael Rosenberg
Other (Comment below)

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