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REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge

On February 3rd and 5-9, ACBL will run an experimental REACH (Regional at the Club House), which is essentially a Regional Side Game series played at your local club. To enter, players must first register with ACBLat a cost of $30 for the entire event. Registration is now open and will close at midnight, PST on February 2nd. ACBL will distribute the profits from the $30 registration fees to its NBOs: USBF, CBF, andMBF.

The event will be run by The Common Game. “Afternoon” games will be REACH games – those are games starting between 10:30 & 3:30 EST and the corresponding times in other time zones. A player can play in as many, or as few games as s/he wants, with the same or different partners. Overall Gold point awards will be given to individuals based on their two highest scores.

Clubs that are already registered with The Common Game are automatically eligible to hold REACH games. Clubs that are not registered with The Common Game can register for this special event at no cost by submitting an applicationto The Common Game.

Hand analysis for the Saturday game will be provided by Frank Stewart. The Saturday game is an International Fund Game (additional sanction fee to ACBL goes to the International Fund, which ACBL distributes to USBF, CBF & MBF to provide support for their players in World Championship events). USBF members will provide sample bidding and hand analysis for the Monday through Friday games. On Monday, Bobby Levin & Steve Weinstein will bid the hands to be used in the REACH game and analyze interesting ones. Bidding and analysis on the other days will be provided by:

Tuesday: Joe Grue & Brad Moss
Wednesday: Marty Fleisher & Chip Martel
Thursday: David Berkowitz & Bob Hamman
Friday: the USA1 Junior team.

We encourage you to support this event!

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