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Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens died today at 99.

Justice Stevens played bridge at our local Tuesday morning club with his wife Maryan, until her death in 2015. He was such a gentleman, and he always exuded intelligence, and warmth, and, oh yes...bow ties.

For years, I always addressed him as “Your Honor”. Then I was reading something and learned that the right way is “Mr. Justice”. The next time they were at the bridge game, I went to where they were sitting and said “Mr. Justice, I just learned that I’ve been addressing you incorrectly and well, I want you to know I certainly wasn’t being flippant.” He said “why don’t you call me John.” I smiled and said ”not if we had been best friends since 3rd grade.” He said “why not, it’s a social setting”. I told him that when I looked at him, I saw 4% of the entire United States government! (Maryan kinda holds her head in her hands and says “oh my God”). Justice Stevens asks “What? How do you...” I said “well, a ninth of a third?” He kinda perked up in his seat and said “heyyyyy...” (Maryan looks at me with a look that said “I love him too” but she says with a practiced weariness “What are you doing? I can’t get his head thru doors...”) 

RIP, Mr. Justice.

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