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Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events

An issue that seems to be going on over and over throughout the years is people getting "wires" in national pair or board a match events. Not a tournament goes by where a good player against myself or my teammates does something borderline "unusual" towards the end of the session that works. The hands are too many to list here. In the most recent Resinger on the first day we were E/W and the pair we were following had their convention card wide open on the table every round as we were about to sit. After repeated attempts by me to tell him to stop and him getting angry at me, he finally stopped. I could not help to think our opponents may have knew the results of the boards we were about to play towards the end of the session. This is a recurring problem. Many people are very bad about keeping their "private scorecards" private. I have a simple solution that costs the ACBL nothing. Disallow keeping score! This would only be for the finals of the three  opening pair events at the nationals, the Blue Ribbon's, the Board a Match and the Reisinger. I would also disallow scorekeeping on the second day of the three day events. Nowadays, we get emails from the ACBL in a timely fashion with all of our scores, so between that and the recaps you can always check your score. For those of us who estimate their game you can still estimate your game as you play the board just don't write the actual result on the board. These events espically in the semi-finals and finals mostly consist of serious players who hopefully would understand the need for this change. There is no way to tell how many events this could have affected over the years and the ACBL being by far the most ethical bridge organization out there would continue on that path in my opinion with this small change. I have spoken by email  both to the current ACBL president Robert Hartman, and the next president, my friend Bob Heller. They both seemed receptive to  a change but wanted to solicit opinions. Any thoughts??

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