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Semi-Final Knockout Matches - Experimental Round Robin Qualifier

Semi-final knockout matches for the Experimental on-line Soloway-style event were completed this weekend.

In the first of two 64 board matches Rubinchik (Oleg Rubinchik, Igor Milman, Albert Shekhter, George Krizel, Usman Faris, BBO nickname tzock) defeated Clayton (Phil Clayton, Andrew Gumperz, Kit Woolsey, Bart Bramley, Finn Kolesnik, John Ramos) in a match where Rubinchik took an early lead. Clayton reduced the margin substantially, but Rubinchik prevailed. Final score 159-137

In the other match the French team Wolf (Thibault Wolf, Jean-Marie Krempp, Didier Pignol, Jean-Marie Korber, Arnaud Ancessy, Frederic Brunet, Michel Volcker, Alain Coriat) won over Reynolds (Tom Reynolds, Lance Kerr, Claude Vogel, George Jacobs, Bill Hall, Joe Viola, Randy Howard, John Jones) in a match that was very close at the half. Wolf took a large lead in the 3rd quarter. Reynolds cut the margin in the 4th quarter, but it was well short. Final score 164-117

It is planned that the final will be played next weekend.

Check for final schedule.

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