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Surveillance at NABCs - new announcement

For the last few years, the ACBL has had stationary surveillance cameras for certain events. These were used for monitoring as well as for VuGraph.

Starting in Philadelphia we are expanding surveillance to include some covert monitoring and have modified the announcement thusly:

“Monitoring at this and future North American Bridge Championships (NABC):

ACBL will be monitoring events with both visible and concealed real-time cameras in public spaces. The images will be recorded and available for later inspection and review by ACBL management and tournament officials, among others, including members of the Anti-Cheating Commission. These recordings will also be uploaded to the internet following the NABC. By general monitoring of the session and participants' behavior, ACBL has another source of information that may be useful in determining facts and settling issues or disputes arising from some types of ethical and behavioral complaints or actions. Please summon a director if a problem occurs at the table. This procedure is intended to assure everyone that the playing field is level and that misbehavior will not be tolerated.”

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