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Regional RR, with screen used.

Board 4 Both Vul.


West North East South

1   pass   1  X

2   2    3  pass*

pass  3    pass 4

pass  pass   pass

*:Break in Tempo


the hand of north is ♠ A63 ♥ Q9542 ♦ 1064 ♣ 102


Final Contract 4 by North

Result Made 4 Score N/S +620

Facts Determined at the Table

The director was summoned by East after the tray stayed at other side for about 1 minutes and then be pushed to N/E side with 2 passes after 3D. Director let continue and the auction and play went as above. After boards director asked S and W, they all confirmed South took about 1 min to pass and is a BIT.

Additional Factors Determined Away from the Table

South said North's 2H just promised 6-8HCP and 4 hearts. He thought of double but afraid of North's only 4 hearts and minimum. North said he first pass limited his hand and 2H just promised 4 hearts, so just to competite he would bid 3H for his 5th heart, non-forcing. South would find extra value from 3H and good fit so raise to 4H.

Director Ruling

No player poll made.Of 8 tables, 4 tables play 4H and 1 4S and 1 3H and 1 3D. No detail about the auction. Director ruled UI existed from the BIT, per Laws 16B and 12C, the result was changed to 3D by West, down 1, N/S +100.

Director’s Ruling 3D by W, -1, N/S +100

The Appeal

N/S appealed. They said with only minimum and 4 hearts they will bid 2H and north will always bid 3H since he already limited his hand and 5th heart is an extra value. For them pass is not a LA. After north's 3H, south is good enough to raise to game.Besides they felt in this case that it was clear that only South could have hesitated but there was also possibility for West to slowly pass in order to control the tray.

Panel Findings

Panel think after BIT by South, North's bid is restricted. 2H already showed the hand value and 3H was encouraged by South's BIT.Without BIT, pass is a LA. So table RULING (3D -1) is stand.

My personal view

1.I'm not sure if there is a "restriction" for North under that situation.

2.Player Poll could be made. But from table results, if pass is a LA(only 1 other table played 3D -1).

3.What I concernd is under this situation, even a player poll made, like 1/4-1/3 choose pass and 2/3 to 3/4 choose 3H, director shouldcalculate by percentage 2/3*620+1/3*100 or for protect E/W view, pass is a LA(less than half would choose), adjust to 3D -1.

I would like to see your comments and poll.What will you bid as North after 3D pass pass, without BIT.



After all, the hand is






K                                 10975

J1087                         K

AQJ852                       K97

93                                 J8765







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