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Bridge passion.  When I caught it, I tried everything I could to learn and improve. Kibitzing and chatting with experts, reading top notch bridge books, playing with the excellent players who were kind enough to partner me…   

And, I subscribed to The Bridge World. 

For those few here who might not be familiar with The Bridge World, it is the premier bridge publication.  No one’s bridge education can be complete without it.  If you are looking for the most comprehensive and enlightened reports on world class bridge events and how experts play the game, then TBW is your resource. 

Recently, however, I heard reports that perhaps TBW needed some assistance.  Those who had long ago purchased life time subscriptions were asked if they might contribute to TBW.   

Bridge life without TBW is not something I wish to contemplate!  So, I decided to share with Bridgewinner readers my personal preferences about TBW.  And in turn, I request that others contribute theirs opinions.  (Jeff Rubens, TBW editor, world class player, writer and retired professor of mathematics, gave me the go-ahead to do so.) 

My favorite features include:  reports on world class events and Master Solvers.  Nothing like seeing experts in real life competition and hearing their reasoning for bidding and play to learn.  Other features I enjoy are humor articles, Swiss Team matches and Challenge the Champs (though I wish Swiss team would modernize with victory points instead of win/loss – and that CTC would have fewer slam hands). 

I also enjoy play and defense problems, articles on bridge theory, monthly editorials, and “rewind” – repeats of timeless columns about bridge concepts that bear repeating. 

Due to my own lack of ability, I sometimes skip very technical and highly advanced articles on play.  If I could follow all that and figure it out at the table, Michael Rosenberg and Zia would be asking me to play! 

Similarly with some exotic conventions and systems.  At my advanced age, tough enough for me to always remember Stnd Bundy.  No need for me to read items that tax my brain with little personal gain.

I’d love to see “You Be the Judge” return.  Seeing experts have disasters and other experts analyze what went wrong is a reminder of just how tough the game is.  (It also makes me feel not so horrific when I incur my own disasters!)  I’d also love a few more of the humorous articles.  As for writers, I’d specifically like to see more Jeff Rubens.  Jeff’s writing abilities match his elite play. 

Now, though, I’d appreciate others sharing their thoughts about the world’s finest bridge magazine.  The Bridge World is a treasure.  I’d like to see many others enjoying and learning from the magazine that has enlightened me for decades.  And if, heaven forfend, you do not already subscribe, start doing so!  The most recent February issue is chock full of event reporting, an interview with Hall of Famer Jill Meyers – and an article by yours truly, too!   

If you want to aim at the heights – then you need to study what the best do.  No better way than by subscribing to The Bridge World!

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