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This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2

on pg. 14 of Friday's USBC bulletin


there is a discussion of the second appeal

Woodridge Ginossar Hurd Willenken

                    2H        X        P

     2N            P        3C       P

     3H            P        3N   AP  


"The committee inquired of E/W about their written methods after Lebensohl and were told there were none."

"E W are a long term partnership, but both claim to not have an agreement on or experience with this auction as a pair"



If I play with an experienced pickup partner and we get to the section of the card "Our doubles over opponent preempts"

and we are playing lebensohl, I assume that the above sequence is stayman with a stopper.


This is the defacto agreement if partner opens 1N and they interfere with 2S and I have 4 hearts and a spade stopper.

Isn't this "just bridge"?


The whole discussion was a bit bizarre.  South had the opportunity to shift.  Wouldn't, from his long experience, suspect

that LHO is 4=4 in the majors?  How would he seek a major suit fit if not via a cuebid?  Two way to cuebid, directly or

indirectly after 2N.

What was marked on the front of the card?  Slow shows stopper?


And couldn't South have surmised that LHO could be  4=4 in the majors?


Can the committee's lack of mention of front of card methods over interference over 1N  be attributed to "it was late at night?  or am I missing something?


Joel and John have never had this auction?  You must be kidding....

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