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USBC Final Results For Open and Women

FLEISHER(Fleisher, Martel, Greco, Hampson, Grue, Moss) beatWOLFSON(Wolfson, Garner, Zia, Rosenberg, Hurd, Wooldridge) in the Open USBC Finals to becomeUSA 2for the Bermuda Bowl this fall. After 7 segments,FLEISHER led by 106 IMPs andWOLFSON conceded.

In the Women's USBC,BAKER(Baker, McCallum, Sanborn, Levitina, Palmer, Shi) beatDISA(Eythorsdottir, Lewis, Seamon-Molson, Deas, Bernstein, Wheeler) by 90 IMPs and becameUSA 1for the Venice Cup.DISAis currently leading the playoff for USA 2vs.BJERKAN(Bjerkan, Pollack, Wittes, Sutherlin) by over 90 IMPs with 60 boards to play today.

UPDATE: DISAhas prevailed and will be USA 2.

Congratulations to all the winning teams!

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