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Value of Support Doubles?

You are playing a 2/1 system, 5542, with most common popular conventions/gadgets .  (If it matters, you play Gazzilli, Multi (one single major), Muiderberg, a 14+-17 NT, and aggression according to seat and vulnerability.

Usually you play for IMPS, not MP.

You and your partner differ on one major issue:  support X's and XX's.  One partner has played them for a long time with others and thinks it's definitely worth playing support X/XX the extra info in competitive auctions; the other partner has never played them, does not want to give up the penalty X, and does not want to bother with the  memory load of learning/recognizing support X/XX.

Your partnership asks for your objective opinion.  How valuable/useful are support X/XX in the IMPS setting?  What about at MP?

Playing support X's is definitely the superior choice, but support XX's are not necessary.
Playing support XX is definitely the superior choice, but support X are not necessary.
Playing both support X and XX are definitely the superior choice.
Meh. Take 'em or leave 'em, it's a matter of partnership preference.
Not playing either is definitely superior.
It depends on the form of scoring.

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