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What, if anything, do you miss about bridge in 1970?

I've been playing for over5 0 years and here are some things I miss:


-2 pm and 8 pm starting times. 

-crowding around the Director's table right after the session, trying to matchpoint your score reading upside-down and if it looked good, i. e. over 200, matchpointing the scores of the other contenders. Now you look at the printout after 12 rounds and you pretty well know how you did. No suspense! 

-nearly everybody playing the same event at a Regional 

-the top players playing pairs, and partnering one another since there were so few sponsors 

-BAM at Sectionals and Regionals rather than Swiss Teams

-you got your photo in the ACBL Bulletin, as long as you wore a tie. 

Anybody care to add or subtract? 

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