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What would you do about illegal note taking?

Club game. I noticed one of our opponents (who is known to be a stickler for proprieties) was making notes on the inside of her convention card after every bid during the bidding. She keeps the card open on her lap always. A glance told me that what she was doing was writing down the entire auction, as it progressed. Then I recalled that I've seen her doing this before, but never really thought about what she was doing. She was creating a memory aid, something illegal. And since she keeps the card open to her view always, she can check it during the play. Have you ever seen someone forget the auction? Fail to make some inference that she could have made from the bidding? None of those things will ever happen to her.

So this is clearly illegal, and a known pattern of behavior now. It could be worse of course. She might also be writing down the cards as they are played too. I don't know if she also keeps other information, like writing down her hand so she can see what she started with, or making a note of the opening lead.

Regardless, even if it is only the auction, this is illegal. If she wants to write it down after than had, that would be her choice. And that she leaves the card open, in plain view of an opponent who might be willing to discretely get a wire on some hands is also wrong.

This individual does play in local tournaments, not only in club games. She has sufficient time at the game that it clearly should be understood as illegal. Finally, I do know that she does not like me, something that is only pertinent because it makes it far more difficult for me to broach the subject. I told the director at the game after I saw this, and at first, he did not think it to be a problem, until I pointed out the aspect of memory aids. He said nothing to her.

Given that this individual can be a bit unpleasant, my expectation is that if I ask a director to do something about it, they will attempt to avoid the problem completely.

So, would you...

Just forget it
Call the director the next time she is seen doing this
Approach one of the other local directors, and ask them to discretely point out that what she is doing is illegal
Make use of the recorder memo system

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