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What's this Pass?


5C was 1 or 4 key cards.


Alright, rather slapdash sequence over here. I haven't attached the hands because I'd feel uncomfortable being judged for my bidding as East. Now, the double of 5C was described as lead-directing; you may have noticed N is on lead, so I guessed (correctly) it was a void, with a plan to lead to partner's ace and get a ruff.


At the table, I passed, LHO passed, my partner paused for a while and redoubled, I paused for a while and bid 5H to be passed out. N led to his partner's AD, and his partner gave him a club ruff. We made equals, we could go down depending on if my LHO guessed the diamond position correctly. This got us a pretty decent score at our decent strength, 28-table event.


Now, on to the actual question. What should my pass of the double, and my partner's redouble, mean? My partner and I both took his redouble as showing a club control (that is, most likely indicating his keycard was the AC), but my pass seems more murky. I intended it to indicate willingness to play in 5CX for a juicy score and an absolute top, which I hoped might be understandable since my partner knows I probably wouldn't bother showing a club suit before investigating the heart slam. My partner took it as asking for a control in the suit, which seems reasonable but would hardly help if N has a void; in fact, he needs his key to be anywhere but clubs for it to be helpful.


Obviously it's a murky sequence without an agreement, but would people view my interpretation of the pass as valid? Is there any logic to it at all? What do you guys do in this situation?

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