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Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?

There appear to be SIX ACBL regionals scheduled for Nov 4-10.  A couple of those run only the 5-10 or 6-10.

Given that there are so many, I am concerned that most (all?) will be poorly attended.  That said, I am not looking to get into the oft discussed on BW "too many regionals" problem right now.  

Instead, I am seeking recommendations as to which regional is best for a team from the San Francisco area, that isn't too concerned with travel distance,  though would strongly prefer direct flights.  Our main interest is decent team events.   At a minimum, we want to be sure that there will be enough teams so that Bracket I knockouts, when scheduled, will reliably happen and won't be handicapped.

Nice hotel and playing site, friendly locals, good restaurants, etc. are all plusses, if not our top priority.  For me personally, well lit playing areas are a major plus. 

Feel free to sell me on why we should come to your regional that week.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I'm swamped this week and may not be following up much.

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