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Which Senior Trials Round of 16 Matches Do you Want on Vugraph?

The 2012 United States Senior Bridge Championship (USSBC) which will select the US team for the World Mind Sports Games Senior Bowl this summer starts on Friday, June 1. We'll be showing 2 Round of 16 matches of Vugraph. Probably the same 2 matches for the first and second segments, then a different two for the third and fourth segments and the two closest matches for the fifth and sixth segments. Which ones do you want to see on Friday? For team lists with players, go tothe USBF website team list.

Milner vs Simson
Moss vs Kranyak
Kasle vs Cappelli
Larsen vs Jacobs
Schwartz vs Lay
Onstott vs Deutsch
Levine vs Brod

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