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Suspension bridge? Dear BridgeWinners ...

Dear Eugene,

You and your colleagues are to be commended for an admirable achievement in creating and sustaining BridgeWinners. I believe that as BW acquires more viability and credibility, the ACBL will have to acknowledge that social media will have a significant impact on how the League's policies are determined.

It's regrettable to me that occasionally you must deal with people whose intemperate and self-indulgent comments diminish what should be a gratifying and valuable experience for the rest of us. It occurs to me as a has-been editor -- and my dictionary backs me up -- that citing somebody as "temporarily suspended" is overkill. A suspension by its nature is temporary, as opposed to expulsion, which is finito. I'm reminded of one of my syndicated columns in which I wrote that a contract "foundered and sank." I heard from an English professor who took me to task. "`Founder' has a built-in sink," he informed me. "That's what the word means."

And then there was the time I wrote about a high-school basketball player who broke a gym rule by hanging on the rim. He was ... suspended.

I wish you and BW much continued success.


Frank Stewart

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