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On Ethics, Proprieties, Laws, Regulations and Beginning Bridge Players

Virtually all of the teaching material for beginning bridge players focuses on learning play and bidding to equip them to play at home or at the club.  Additional classes help them learn more about thinking, analysis and technique.   This along with an emphasis on fun is how it should be.  

I wonder out loud whether any teachers have developed a successful curriculum for teaching ethics and the laws of Bridge to beginners.

Certainly beginners have much to learn and much more to think about and overwhelming them with rules would be the last thing anyone of us want to do. However I can't get past the need to help beginners get past their fear of calling the director, or their self developed sense of propriety that might not be consistent with the rules of the game.

1:- So one question becomes whether teachers among us have ever taken the time to develop an ethics class for beginners, and if so, how well it was received.  

2:- Another question is when to introduce the ethics conversation and the rules of the game. 

3:- A third is whether Teachers see teaching ethics as part of their responsibility.

4:- A fourth is whether good reference materials exist on the topic (Books, web sites, videos, etc.) 

5:- Would you teach such a class for beginners?

I've listed the 5 topics below beginning with their NUMBER matching these 5 questions.  Please pick one answer from each NUMBER GROUP (5 answers total):

Please select up to 5 choices.

1:- I have not taught ethics & proprieties (E&P) to beginners
1:- I have taught E&P to beginners using published teaching materials
1:- I have taught E&P to beginners using my own teaching materials
2:- Introduce E&P as early as possible
2:- Introduce E&P as they have their first club game experience
2:- Introduce E&P after they have played club games and have questions about director decisions
2:- Introduce E&P when they start playing tournaments
2:- Don't introduce E&P - let them learn through experience
3:- E&P is not a bridge teacher responsibility
3:- E&P is a bridge teacher responsibility
4:- I have good reference materials for E&P classes for beginners
4:- I am unaware / have not found / do not have good reference materials for beginner E&P classes
5:- I would teach an E&P class assuming demand existed
5:- I would not teach an E&P class even if demand existed
5:- Don't Know / Uncertain / Other (Please describe) - whether I would or would not teach an E&P class
Other - Please comment

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