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Closing the Club an Owners Perspective

Over the last few days and weeks ,we have heard many on this sight imploring owners to shut down forthwith. Close tournaments and all of these have been made with the health and well being of our community members in mind.

Having said that I would like to give you the small club owners perspective.

We can read the papers and watch the news the same as the next person, we understand the severity of the pandemic and we understand the need for social distancing and how that seems to have helped in Wuhan and other places.

However we also have financial problems, In my case the church we rent from took this action 2 weeks ago.

They sent out an email saying they were closing the campus for all church activities, however the individual renters were still obligated to pay rent.

Today they have decided that they dont want any activity on the campus, but we still have to pay the rent.

Hopefully the governement will let me off the hook, but Iam not holding my breath.

I receive emails most days from players asking me to stay open ,not just my own players but players from neighbouring clubs.

So I am now in the unenviable position of being on the hook for the rest of the months rent and Aprils, aabsolutely 0 sources of income and a possibility of staring bankruptcy in the face a few months down the line.

I am not posting this in order to generate sympathy but to allow people to understand the very real implications of the shutdown.

I have on occasion walked the empty rooms of the nationals the day after it has ended, there are still remnants of the tournament like brackets sheets on walls , but it is a sad and desolate feeling almost as though part of your heart has been taken away.

I had that feeling this morning as i stacked tables and chairs , possibly never to reset my room for a game.

I hear echos of all those that have played there in my mind, some have already passed away, some who are sill hoping to come back and play, memories of great plays and humorous director calls, memories of wonderful people who were all there for us when I was ill,sadness overcomes me.

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