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Look for a pair to complete a team for the Spingold in Vegas

Found a PAIR. Thank you for the interest!


Arvind Ranasaria and I are looking for a pair to complete a team for the Spingold in Las Vegas.


Arvind's achievements include 2nd place (very narrowly missing the first spot) in the Holkar pairs in the 90s. Holkar pairs is the premier pairs Event in India and is as tough as any pairs event in the ACBL nationals (now renamed to Shree Cement Pairs I think, if you want to look it up).


I have done reasonably well: winning the top bracket in Seattle area Regional against Bruce Ferguson's team in the finals, a decent number of sectional and regional wins (including BAM teams).


Have only been to the ACBL nationals 2-3 times. My best result in the ACBL nationals is 14th in one of the open pairs events in the Hawaii national last year (acbl live link: playing with Arvind.


Please PM me or reply to this. Either is fine.


Thank you!

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