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Seeking Online and ACBL Tournament Partnership - 2/1 or Precision

Seeking Online and ACBL Tournament Partnership - 2/1 and possibly Precision down the road

Looking for ongoing partnership to play/bid online BBO and then play ABCL Regionals and Nationals about every 6-8 weeks. I have 1,500 Masterpoints but that does not reflect my abilities and ability to play competitively in very high KOs. I’ve routinely played with partners with 5,000+ Masterpoints.

To gauge compatibility, we would first talk through a 2/1 convention card quickly and then play a couple BBO speedballs online. If that works, start playing online regularly. If that continues to work then next step to play a tournament together someplace. I live in Atlanta and I'm very flexible to travel and have the finances available.

I'm a young 62, retired, nice guy with lots interests outside bridge. It's not just "winning"; it's enjoying the experience. Need someone willing to discuss hands openly and use an outside pro (reasonable $s to be a resource when we agree to disagree and want partnership to reach an agreement for future situations.

Defensively I prefer: UDCA, O/E discards, (reverse) Smith Echo and Trump Suit Preference. Play lot's of gadgets for competitive edge. Always interested in shifting to Precision if partnership working and mutual interest exists.

If you decide to respond please provide email and cell phone number. Cell: (770) 289-1916

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