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Vegas Monday 22nd through Wednesday the 24th, Open Spingold or Alternative Events

Due to last minute unforeseen circumstances, I am in need of plans Monday the 22nd through Wedsnesday the 24th of Vegas.

Strongly looking to play in the Open Spingold with the right partner. I have decent teammates from Chicago that are indifferent if they play Spin or something else, so we can go with them as teammates or look for better. Recently beat a strong team to make day two of the Vandy, looking to go further this time :).

I am unavailable for the Mini-Spingolds or the Wernher unfortunately due to other plans later in the week, so please don't reach out to me if you are looking for plans for those events.

Also available as a pro for lower open regional events the 22nd-24th instead.

Young player, friendly and usually fun to play with. I have 1000 MPs, most gold, 12.5 Platinum from the last NABC, several open firsts in various Chicago/Wisconsin/Midwest events from the last year and a half, and many more upper leaderboard results. Very flexible in terms of playing style and system (can play various styles of 2/1, precision, even weirder stuff like polish club variants). 

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