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July 23, 2012
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continuance after a void response
Kantar's RKB book (5th ed., sub-titled, "The Final Word," pub. 2008) states that after a jump to the six-level, if there is room, the next step is the trump queen ask. He gives only one example, in which responder, after showing his one ace and a void, denies the ...
What sort of strength does doubling and then making a free raise of partners response to the 2 level show?
My bidding is sufficiently old-fashioned to disagree with the trend toweard lighter raises expressed here. You have forced partner to bid. His 1 advance promises no high cards at all and he might hold only three spades because the alternative, to bid at the two-level was even worse. A ...
In The Well: Chip Martel
Hi Chip: Playing the weak notrumps, you are known for playing strong notrumps in third seat. Please explain the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. Thank you.
How do you use 3NT in this auction?
Which is the better usage? Regressive, wasted values in suit x and offering 3NT as a contract (despite the probable nine0card heart fit) or extra strength without wasted values in x (serious/semi-serious) slam try? I think the latter, but have no evidence either way, and so could be wrong.
Forcing Pass or Not?
Opener showed a minimum (in standard) and responder holds a limit raise or more. The opponents have bid beyond 3 (the safety level if both are minimum), so responder's pass should not be forcing,. If he held more than a limit raise, he had to show it over ...
Third seat NT play when dummy wins trick
I'm not urging the establishment of the club suit either, merely that (whether or not partner holds the singleton king), the shift is passive and therefore safe. Nothing else seems to be. Let declarer find his own tricks; lets not give him any.
Third seat NT play when dummy wins trick
Standard attitude (which may not be the most effective method) shows the heart queen, and says nothing about either clubs or diamonds. So, using this method, I am forced to play the six. Obvious shift is clubs (dummy's shortest suit not bid by declarer). Using OS, you have the ...
Last train simplified
You have extras, but not the control, and partner signs off with a minimum, also lacking the control. So, you pass, and make, or let partner make, four spades, rather than go forward with five spades at risk.
Last train simplified
Let's look at Danny Kleinman's "Clarksvlle," really a good, simple, idea. Looking for slam, and after control-showing has started, you bid 4T-1, inviting partner to decide whether to sign off in 4T, or to c0ontinue above it. To cont9inue, he needs extras, not previously shown. So, you go ...
Rosenkranz type redouble
So many different variations. Here is another, called Guildenstern, for obvious reasons: a raise at least to 2, but denying the ace, king or queen of the trump suit; to shiow the high trump, bid to your normal level or for those playing that a bid of the opponents ...

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