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Alvin Bluthman
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July 23, 2012
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Oct. 21
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Trick 1 signal
Sorry. I missed that. It means that there is no ruff, and declarer is short in hearts, no more than two. SO, the defenders cannot take more than two heart tricks, plus one club, if partner holds the ace or king. And, to defeat the hand, he needs at least ...
Trick 1 signal
Yes. Is it clubs or diamonds?
Best Bid by Bot Ever
Great bidding, until next time, when the LHBot holds the tqo queens now with the RHBot, and RHBot holds the spade ace.
Trick 1 signal
If partner has a doubleton heart, even Q9, then declarer's highest heart will beat your seven, and if declarer holds AKx as well, you will never get a fourth trick, because dummy's diamond losers will go away on declarer's heart and club winners. So, ajnd although ...
The disappearing evening club game
As we age, we don't want t go out at night, much less to go out to play bridge until 10:30 or 11 PM, then have to go home late. The solutions? Build up your afternoon games. Add morning games, say from 9:30 to noon. Serve lunch ...
What is the best meaning for the double of a cue bid?
Fairly standard is that you are willing to defend the opponent's possible contract (assuming the 2 bid shows hearts and a minor). Howeve3r, this may be problematic, as you do not yet know which minor suit is held by the overcaller.
The Language of Bridge is Book of the Year
Well done.
If Looney Tunes Had a Team
There are, of course, two four-player teams there. Doc and Grumpy have been playing together for years, and had the most successful partnership amongst the dwarfs until Snow White (with her perfect play) arrived. Snow must alternate playing with Dopey, Sleepy (low attention span), and Happy (the overbidder) because no ...
Negative Free Bids and the consequences
George Semos and I play NFB somewhat differently than in this discussion. All one-level responses (e. g. 1 - (1) - 1) remain forcing for one round, as in standard. However, our two-level non-jumps are essentially preemptive (1 - 1) - 2 shows about 5-8 HCP, essentially a ...
Sorry: What's Standard?
Partner could raise to invite in either black suit so for partner to make a "fourth suit forcingish" bid suggests that he found an ace he didn't know he had when he passed on the first round. That means he is asking for something, rather than telling about something ...

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