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Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Virus vaccine certificate
My father was the only survivor of his last year of high school after serving in WW1 and living through the Spanish Flu. In Australia, the first influenza vaccine arrived during the Hong Kong flu of 1968. My family was close to first in line, on my father's very ...
Virus vaccine certificate
Maybe this article belongs here:
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: 75 AQJT98653 6 T
Haiku of the Day: [i]More bidding to come I will be bidding some hearts Partner understands[/i]
This gives people a chance to have second thoughts. I hope this innovation becomes standard practice.
Bridge Periodicals
Yes, The Bet was magnificent (and is in booklet form)... Also excellent were the Bridge World articles by Frank Vine (Roshomon, the Coldbottom series etc) and Ernst Theimer (Archie and the Bridge Machines, Andy and the Flying Saucer, etc). I have Frank Vine's collected articles in PDF format (North ...
Chance of a !C Lead
Agree... on some hands, the sign-off will be based on KQx(x), and leading a club sets up discards.
Finding the minor fit
Rae Murbach's bidding problem: 4 QJ92 J9 KQT964
Partner will often have four spades.... 4-3-5-1 or 4-3-4-2. If partner doesn't act, this is a partscore deal and suits aren't laying well. Leave them to it.
Should bridge authorities be able to tell us what we can bid?
Yes, it's always good when facts come from an impeccable source. Paul Marston has a story about how was at a party and some guy waffled away about how he had taught the great Paul Marston all that PM knew about bridge... PM took out his driver's license ...
Should bridge authorities be able to tell us what we can bid?
Charles Goren: March 4, 1901 – April 3, 1991

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