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Barry Rigal
Barry Rigal
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Aug. 17, 2010
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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ACBL Ranking
Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim 2014
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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A Bridge Swifty
I'm not sure about this one... "It's always right to bid one more at teams" said Tom implausibly.
A Bridge Swifty
Nice one Ken! This one hits the mark...whereas many of the others are just random stringing together of word associations -- and yes mine might fall into that category sometimes.
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
Howard The number of responders to this survey who would disagree with your actions can (currently) be counted on the fingers of both hands. more than 300 people can be assumed to agree with your actions. I don't think you have anything to be concerned about.
A Bridge Swifty
'You beat it if you duck the first trick' said Tom mistakenly. 'My first wife's hand is high' Tom exclaimed.
A Bridge Swifty
'Let's play off-shape take-out doubles, darling' said Tom Romantickly.
A Bridge Swifty
'We lost our way and stumbled into the Super-Moysian fit' said Tom fortuitously.
Would 2NT-4-4-6NT suggest six spades and the combined values to suggest 6NT is correct unless partner has a source of tricks... KQJ10xx and KJx Qx /Jx on the side. Jacoby and 6NT the same hand with one fewer spade and an ace instead of the queen. Partner with ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
My example was not designed to indicate any wrongdoing by responder. Sorry. I was simply saying that even against casual opponents one can sometimes pick up the precise meaning of a tempo break. It is less effective after the hand is over to tell a player that, than to make ...
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
I wrote up this board (but for the Italian report). I think Sementa Bocchi deserve great credit for beating it on this defense when the contract was declared the other way up. After the trump shift it wasn't quite as easy to go up king I think when declarer ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
para from Wikipedia on Hugh Alexander. 'In February 1940, Alexander arrived at Bletchley Park, the British codebreaking centre during the Second World War. He joined Hut 6, the section tasked with breaking German Army and Air Force Enigma messages. In 1941, Alexander transferred to Hut 8, the corresponding hut working ...

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