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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington,UK
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MI (?) Ruling
John - ‘onus on non experts’, I know of at least one of our world championship representatives who has misunderstood EBU alerting procedures re doubles, I’d be surprised if they were on their own.
MI (?) Ruling
Ray - a definition of ‘deemed’ worthy of the Queen of Hearts!
A subject I’ve raised in different contexts many times - at what point do you say to yourself that the likeliest thing is that partner has missorted their hand?
MI (?) Ruling
David - ‘everyone’ plays that a double of a 1NT response to 1S is takeout of spades yet the EBU still want that alerted as it’s not a penalty double.
MI (?) Ruling
Kieran - I must admit to being astonished to be told that a 2H/S response to a multi was not ‘artificial’ as it ‘suggested’ a contract. My own ‘suggestion’ that an overcall of 2C showing the majors over 1NT was equally not artificial since it could also be passed was ...
1S (4H) 4N = ?
I’ll repeat what I said when this came up on a previous thread - I played in a match where this auction occurred at both tables, meant as minors,taken as Blackwood , 6S minus 2 just another flat board.
Defense against (any) natural 1N
I agree with Richard - I think it very unlikely that the ‘sims’ are reflecting what passes as a ‘Strong’ NT nowadays.
Banished (Part two)
I double but would still take an undiscussed 2NT as strong ‘balanced’.
What does it promise?
Why can’t the doubler have say a 3145 11 count?
There are some players( me for example) who might pass with 6S and 4H depending on suit quality and hand strength.

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