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Brett Kunin
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June 16, 2012
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May 24
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Bridge Player
about me

semi-retired attorney, living in northern New Jersey; Tournament Chair, NJ Bridge League (Unit 140)

United States of America

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Winning KO and Swiss in same NYC regional
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Shrine Bridge Center, Livingston, NJ
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Heart Wastage?
Kudos for West being silent, and not revealing the 11-card h fit. I suspect some Wests will come into the auction, and then game may be reached by N/S, or doubling out E/W in 4h.
Count or Attitude
I always play attitude before count, except at 5/6 level (where Ace ask attitude,King count) or when singleton is in Dummy on suit led. Since there is a likelihood that Declarer has a singleton heart, I will discourage, get the club shift, and decide whether to come back ...
System over Strong 2!c
I abstained for 2 reasons: (1) I am not a top player, and (2) more important, although I like 2h as double negative, I do not like either of the responses you imposed in the two 2h responses. I agree that if partner has an A or K, game is ...
Online tempo
My experience on-line has been that the very inexperienced have repeated and long breaks in tempo (sometimes as much as a full minute!), and often, find that the person really had nothing to think about it. Not being renown for my patience (perhaps this decade's understatement), I find it ...
Ian Grant's bidding problem: KQ K7 AK762 J843
Ian: I had to abstain in your poll. I play that vs. Multi, 2n is for minors, which is the call I would prefer to make Since partner is likely to hold spades, a x, and then 2n, would show this hand
Overcall, Rebid, Now what?
Doesn't ANYONE double with a 5-loser hand?
Don't laugh but what is best meaning for this bid?
Meyer: That was because not only because Ken always wanted to give the opps the last guess, but also because HE wanted to be the 4h bidder, which I do remember him doing against me twice at imps. My recollection is that unlike most of his machinations against me (which ...
Your rarest distribution
Distribution in late rounds of a play-through Swiss tend to be wild, as people get lazy and fail to shuffle sufficiently I remember winning a Swiss event about 15 yrs ago, after picking up a a 4-0-0-9 hand at unfavorable in the penultimate round, and ended up in 5cXX for ...
Smolen Convention -- Is it used for 6-4 in the Majors?
David Parsons: There was a previous post by Bill Seagraves on 4/29 entitled "Extended Texas". I refer you to my post on that thread, in which I extolled its virtues with 6/4 hands, as it enables you to still play game from the "correct" side, make mild slam ...
Precision Biddding On BBO Today
Marion: You always have the right to call the director, although my guess is that this pair fixes itself more than others. Unless North leads a club from 5 dead (hardly my choice of lead vs a known 8-card major suit fit), 5h is cold. My guess is that -630 ...

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