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Brian Dellinger
Brian Dellinger
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Aug. 5, 2013
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March 13
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first night of rubber bridge with my parents and grandparents where I finally got to play a few hands.
Bridge Accomplishments
Once played a few hands online with a BW poster (randomly was seated at their table) and I think I managed to not frustrate them to the point of booting me.
Favorite Conventions
Asking for an Undo
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Copy of Bridge Winners Standard
2 over 1
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The Setting Trick Episode 16: Steve Weinstein
Thanks, John! Already burned through this and eager for the next.
How to make notes with suit symbols?
As others have mentioned, you can hack it in Word a lot of ways. The easiest I found was to go into the SYMBOLS menu and assign a particular keyboard shortcut to each suit symbol. The Google Doc hack above is a godsend.
How to make notes with suit symbols?
You da realest MVP.
Seeking Technical Co-Founder for HOOL
This is, in my limited experience, one of the cool things about Hool. Once the basics of the game (tricks, how NT works, how fits work to take tricks, how high to play, etc) all start to make sense, you can start working to 'encode' the bidding language of Hool ...
A "friendly" game
I voted for David's answer above... The real question is what are _you_ playing for, in this case? If I truly don't care about the score and just want the challenge, then me being passive while they take the hardline is no problem. I can still have a ...
More-than-occasional, online, 2/1 partner?
FWIW: At this point, my criteria are getting mighty flexible... Just like in real personal ads. ;) Thanks for the wishes.
Contract Bridge
I've been teaching my kids Hool and they love it. The older kids have already 'systematized' their bidding a bit. More importantly, it's gotten us to the best part of Bridge - the cardplay, whether declaring or defending - while still having a meaningful auction.
Fantoni live on BBO
I was with you right up to the naming/shaming part. As others have said, BBO provides a tool and platform as a service to the bridge community (and, of course, to turn a profit). If they were to get into the business of policing international bridge - a kind of ...
Online NABC - Congrats to Phil Clayton
Well done, Phil! Congratulations!
A better rating system
I don't like the 'best 25 consecutive' rating thing... but it's fine to tag someone's record with the peak rating they've ever achieved as a vanity/congratulatory thing. Calculate their 'current' rating based on their most recent N results and timebox it to discard ancient history ...

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