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Christopher Diamond
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July 5, 2015
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Emily Middleton's bidding problem: 93 64 Q6 AKJ9862
Looks like a 3C bid to me. Maybe a little heavy these days but with 7-2-2-2 and a passed opponent hot against not it is probably right on.
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: T987 86542 98 K9
Apparently 2/3 of the voters here have not reached day one. :-) I tend to agree with Martin above that Smolen would seem to work better. The problem is that if you are only showing shape a 4S raise erases any below game slam tries on marginal hands unless the ...
Spawned by a hand in the newspaper
My sick mind came up with another one. Take out of the majors. 0-5-4-4 Extras, not fond of 3NT or a penalty double by partner but leaving both options open as the hand type is described. Of course, in real life I've never even mentioned this and would probably ...
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: K9842 QJ6 52 AQ5
Is this a test of how many people don't want to play Moysian' s Avon? :-)
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: KJ4 74 T97653 KT
I have a bit of a minimum requirement for a 3rd seat opener, I'd sort of like my partner to lead the suit I open. Its a quaint, old fashioned idea. But if he plants the king on the table and dummy hit's with queen dub, that's ...
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: KT85 AKQJ976 J J
I think 4C Steve. If he has the club ace, he'll appreciate it or he can cue the diamond ace if he holds that. The question is whether he will make any move other than 4S with something like the AQxx of spades and a balanced, the club ace ...
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: KT85 AKQJ976 J J
Thanks all. One of the reasons I posted this was to see if this was a 4S rebid for some. I naively had the idea that this would be something like a 5-4-2-2 big hand. Clearly 4S has to encompass a much greater set of hands which sort makes life ...
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: A KQ73 AQT943 54
After allowing a reasonable amount of time on a bidding problem I recently posted, this is of a similar nature. That is, the seeming lack of structure for GF raises of partner's major suit response. I think its an interesting area to explore for hands that just don't ...
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: KT85 AKQJ976 J J
Your horse is closing, Richard. :-)
These are a few of my unfavourite things
Probably sounds more high brow than I intend it to be. This is a game. Everyone involved, nominally, plays it for enjoyment. If you live in a certain bubble you might think your expertise at this game defines your quality as a human being. It really doesn't. I will ...

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