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Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: KJT97432 A8 4 J9
Technically at this vulnerability, 3 would be prudent (only 7 tricks). But I think it is worth a little optimism to stretch to 4 because 3 might miss a cold game when partner has as little as, say Ax-Kxxx-xxxx-xxx
Assign blame
I think both North and South bid bizarrely, so I voted "equal blame" and mean "a lot of blame for each." First, why would North with a minimum opening hand, nothing in s, and fair tolerance for partner choose to make a penalty double of (3)? To me ...
Leading the Singleton
That might be a good rule of thumb, but I don't think it is correct here. First, West has made a VUL 3 overcall with a known poor suit. Therefore, he must have at least 7 s, and 8 is a real possibility. Second, East failed to return ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: A73 K964 T97 J42
My view is that 3 is pretty normal and is what I would bid at the table without too much thought. If looking for an alternative, 2NT seems better than pass as 2NT could win big opposite many moderate hands partner might have where 9 tricks would roll in ...
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
I'm surprised that you don't offer an option of "two" as that is the number I consider borderline for bidding 6. With the K, I would definitely bid 6. I'm imagining pard with something like xxx-AKQxxxx-void-AKx, where Q would suffice.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
Pardon me for lack of Precision knowledge, but could you clarify the shape(s) shown by responder's double of (2)? You say only "5+ HCPs". Am I to assume, then, that this double is merely "strength showing" and says nothing about length in the majors, i.e. therefore ...
Assign the passing blames
If there is any "blame" for defending (2) undoubled, I would have to assign it to South who might have doubled at least in pass out seat. However, after such a double, it is not at all clear to me that N/S will reach 3NT. The 3rd time ...
ATB - Undoubled contract
Not sure where you're from, Michael, but I'd bet that a majority of US players would open 1NT with this North hand (playing some sort of "strong" 1NT range). Personally, I think I'm in the definite minority these days as far as being reluctant to open 1NT ...
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AJ3 74 AQ9743 A9
Tough problem if 3 rebid is NF (as I play it). I chose 2. Most economical bid, correctly shows values in s and suggests more than a minimum. Forcing but not to game. Of course, my problems may not be over. Say partner rebids 3. What now ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: K52 QJ9643 --- A975
I find this kind of thinking to be all too frequently wrong. Just because LHO opened 1, it does not follow that he has AQJxx behind us making our king worthless. I don't want to give away the show on this deal until I collect more votes, but ...
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