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How'd we get so high? ATB (Matchpoints)
The fact that it is pairs and/or that N/S is non-vul does not change the meaning of 2 cue-bid. It just shows 3 card support and 10+ HCPs, possibly 4 card support with no shape. I suppose with just 10 HCPs, it would be acceptable to ...
Walter Schmid's bidding problem: A54 3 AQJ9 AJ854
This hand is (just) good enough to reverse, so do not choose the sometimes necessary but never pleasant alternative of opening 1 planning to rebid 2 over partner's 1 (you have a different problem if he responds 1 instead). So here, just open 1 ...
How'd we get so high? ATB (Matchpoints)
My experience is that "masterminding" by failing to show your actual values leads to bad results too often. Just because West has opened the bidding does not make the kings automatically worthless. South clearly has the values for 2, so he should make his normal bid so partner knows ...
Lebensohl after opps show both majors
We play a special defense when the opponents make any call 2 or below showing both majors. It is a slight enhancement (or at least a slight modification) of Larry Cohen's method which can be found on his website. The Cohen method applies only when their action showing ...
How'd we get so high? ATB (Matchpoints)
In my view, North here has a good hand for PASSing the double with that call defined as showing a better hand than an immediate 2 (which is defined as North's weakest action). North has a bit more than a minimum overcall but (IMO) not enough for a ...
What are you done with?
Patrick, With regard to your "now or never" suggestion that I advance 2 immediately (or not at all), on actual hand that might have ended much worse for us. Had I bid 2 directly, partner would have much less reason to "pull" to 2 as he would ...
What are you done with?
Seems like a case of too many CRAIGs posting bidding problems with "ELC" methods involved. On my problem, my partner actually did double with (apparently) ELC in mind as the auction went: (1)-DBL-(1)- P (1NT)-P - (P) - 2 (P) - 2 - This could have been ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: A3 A742 KQJ942 4
This hand would be ideal (near max) for double followed by an "ELC" conversion of a advance to s at the same level had only the opening bid been 1. I think "ELC" should apply only over MAJOR suit openings (can be 1M, 2M, even 3M) but not ...
What are you done with?
What are you done with?
So you obviously have a very different idea of ELC than I (and most others) do. An ELC double (of a major suit opening) is really an *overcall* in s with a "kicker" of 4 cards in the other major. That is, such a double is ideally 4=6 in ...
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