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Oct. 13, 2015
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David Parsons's bidding problem: KJ654 T9864 --- A64
My view,,no matter what else, the penalty double was just plain wrong. No reason to believe the contract is going down. Hope the doubler isn't someone I know:)
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q983 3 AJ54 A632
Who knows? Bid 5. Might make on any hand partner has 10 red cards.
A "friendly" game
I see I'm out of the mainstream here. i'm irked, but only for a short while. For my own well being I would make a comment, in a gentle fashion, about the lack of reciprocity, then move on. Look at it as some insight into the personal character ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: JT976 KQ 9732 98
I'm of the view that on values the hand is worth 3 Ss. I chose 2 Ss because it's not clear to me what partner has in mind. Might this be a command to bid 3 NT with a H stopper, a 3-card very strong S raise. In ...
Exactly right Phil. S knew a club return was undesirable. Why give partner a chance to go wrong?
Exposure -- We're doing something wrong.
It takes a lot of effort to start playing bridge. I sat nest to a married couple about a month or so ago. She was playing and taking lessons at a local club; he was interested in starting. But she described her experience and those of her friends as disclosed ...
A Simple Question
Playing the hand at a (semi-)normal pace can never be criticized.
Alert a natural preempt?
Pretty c;ear, no alert. However, playing with one partner we have an agreement hat 3 Cs in particular in first or second seat can be on almost nothing except club length (perhaps 6), subject to vulnerability. I alert that prompt. Otherwise, we are aggressive preemptors and I see no ...
What is the proper announcement?
Why not say it like it is: 15-17, or 18 if 4-3-3-3?
Congratulations to all, but i want to cite the accomplishment of Margie and Giorgia, whom I know and enjoy playing against. W ell dine!
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