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Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles
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Nov. 24, 2011
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12 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Canadian National Team Champion - '12, '15, '17

0-10k Fast Pairs Winner Fall 2017 NABC


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the knockout stage in the 2012 World Championships in France, leading going into final segment vs Monaco
Bridge Accomplishments
Canadian National Team Champion '12, '15, '17. 0-10k Fast Pairs Winner Fall 2017 NABC
Regular Bridge Partners
Daniel Korbel, Jeff Smith, Steve MacKay, Justyna Żmuda
Favorite Tournaments
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Justyna Zmuda
2 over 1
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Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Agree, but what if your opponent thinks for 5 minutes about what to return after winning the spade Queen? Isn’t it against the rules to delay the game and not claim when having the rest?
Open San Francisco Discussion Thread
While Edward is young by bridge standards, he most certainly would not have played at the collegiate level recently. I think some NABCs from ‘14-15 show up as youth/collegiate, an error in reporting.
BridgeWinners Golden Raspberry Awards 2019
Did he make it?
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
"I am aware of one very well-known player who absolutely hates sitting in a seat where he is facing a corner of the room." Interestingly the NPC would need to know the table assignment for the match before submitting the lineups; at WBF championships, the orientation of tables is such ...
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
Poker is not a card game. It is a betting game that happens to use cards.
Plea to BBO software developers
“Bridge Card Reader” by Studio Diip out of the Netherlands was used at a few tables in Veldhoven, Lille and a couple other tournaments. If memory serves, it was not without its challenges. I suspect the technology has gotten both better and cheaper; it’s time to take another shot ...
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
I challenge anyone to find a better dummy than at two of the tables (1 BB, 1 VC) board 32 segment 6. AKQT3 A 8 AKQJ64 Declarer had a monster - J942 T86 53 T982. 6 of course was cold (6 slightly safer with less ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
I’m sure one consideration is this new team (Levine; not Nickell) is likely eligible to play in senior events so we may see them in more of those fields.
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
As has been documented elsewhere on BW, hence public information, Nickell is losing one Eric & Jeff but gaining another Eric & Geoff. I believe beginning in the 2020 cycle.
Both mad, or just one?
South was a trifle conservative, but North can envision taking twelve tricks opposite an Ace & King (Ax xxxx xxxx Kxx; x xxxx Axxx Kxxx; etc). North should ensure game is reached.

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