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David Brough
David Brough
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June 2, 2012
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June 1
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Bridge Player
about me

Unknown player from the Canadian Midwest, known to be slightly agressive on occasion


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First Regional ever, playing as a bunch of newbies seeded against pro team, took them to overtime to beat us
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
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+260, 1S passed out
Assign the Blame -- -530
How can it open up a spade contract when partner could not make a neg dbl of 3H?, because of the lack of neg dbl, 4C has to be better than dbl
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: K76 QT98 Q87 J64
I think I really only have 1 decision, do I lead the 6 or 7 of Spades
High-level defense problem
If declarer has a void in Diamonds, then you need to return a Heart to cut down the ruffs and not allow declarer to set up either Diamonds or Clubs. Since if declarer is void in Diamonds, they have 6 Clubs. So 6 Hearts, 2 Diamonds, and 3 ruffs in ...
David Brough's lead problem: T6 9643 97653 K8
Adding results since people have looked at this. A Heart lead was made at the table and it is the winner. Dummy comes down with KJxxx xxx --- Axxxx, Zia takes the AK of Hearts and returns another which declarer wins with the Q. Declarer then plays the AKQ of Diamonds ...
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
More annoying problem with the Sheraton than much else, but still aggravating. As the sessions ended today, there is a line of bridge players standing at the desk getting new cards. Seems the Sheraton treated the 2 levels of pricing they were charging as 2 reservations for everyone, 'Corporate Policy ...
Plan your play8
Agree, the problem with the 9 or J is that is trying for a trick you dont need, while putting u in the wrong hand. U are going to have to play a Club to the A at trick 2, opening up options for the opps to be ahead of ...
Sometimes Bridge is no Fair
I totally agree that 2NT is the correct bid, and would probably get us to the doomed 7C contract. Something like 2C-2D-2S-2N-3C-3D-4C-4H-5D-5N-7C. Hence the title, 7C is a nice contract, and if not for my silly 3C bid, we prob get there. And I also agree with Michael, I thought ...
Think it is more what partner does not have then what he has. Partner should not have 3 Hearts, 5 Spades, or 6 Diamonds, since they have a simple bid of those suits with any of those. Also, partner should not have the values/stoppers for 3N opposite a courtesy ...
Steven Haver's bidding problem: 87653 Q87 8 J876
Do u have Grand insurance, unlikely pard does with 2S, do not let them get BW in

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