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April 27, 2014
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ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
I see there are two -500 for NW. So, another S also guessed the diamonds? I was East at another table. Our South opened 1NT (10-12) after two passes.
best line to make 6H
Basically, Ed's line. However, is it better to lead the first club from dummy assuming no trump loser? RHO will go up with K holding Kx. If RHO plays J from Jxx then clubs are running. If RHO wins with J from singleton J or KJx and leads back ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: AKQT9x Ax x KQT9
So, a very large percentage will open 1 - just what I expected. This hand came up in the first match of a recent regional swiss. Our opponents were three world champions and a GLM. North's hand was xx Qxx xxx Axxxx. The bidding at the other table - uncontested ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: AKQT9x Ax x KQT9
I doubt if RHO - vul - would have come in 4 after passing originally and after the opponents bid 2-2. Had he bid 3 after 2-2 I could have continued 3 and partner bid 4. We could still do Kickback and reach 6 ...
Play 6NT
Sure - I will go down against that particular layout. With West having long hearts, the diamond length is expected to be with East. The problem with running T is that West will play back a spade - as Richard has already pointed out. We have to take a position in spades ...
6!C play problem
Yes - finesse is less than 50%. I think the percentages of Kx or Kxx with East is still higher than 40% while the club play is below 40%. I like Kit's suggestion (below) of playing J after AK.
6!C play problem
We have a club loser unless the clubs are 3-3 or JT doubleton in either hand - less than 40% (?). So, heart finesse is the percentage play.
Play 6NT
Come back to hand using a heart - assuming both follow. Dummy has AQ4 - AT7 3 declarer has 9 Q6 K983 -. Lead low diamond to T.
Does a solution exist?
The primary signal in ACBLland, when partner leads a suit, is attitude. So, North will give attitude signal - not count - when South leads a heart. I believe, the primary signal in France, where Marc is from, is count. So, switching to heart - not without risk as everyone noted - will work ...
Plan the play
I think HCP are divided equally (10-10) between opponents since both passed initially. So, West holding Q, K and KQ while East holding A, AJ and J is quite possible. In that case, taking the diamond finesse at trick two is the right play. However, that might lead to a ...

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