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Deb Dhar
Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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Deb Dhar's bidding problem: J8762 --- A8765 AKT
I did make up my mind, initially at least, to try for slam. That was the reason for 3 HGST even when I was always going to bid game at IMPs - even if partner signed off in 3. My hand improved after partner bid 4. I did not ...
ATB - Missed Game
I was East. My partner suggested that I should have bid 3, instead of 2, in the second round with a 4 losers hand. I thought 3 would show strong spades but not much tolerance for other suits. How do people play such jump after double?
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
You are right - 4D makes with that hand. Let's make S hand xx QJTxx KQTxx x - that's 8 HCP within the range of 8-11 HCP for mini. Add a black J or Q. I have seen some of my partners bid 2NT with less. My point is that ...
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
4 might be the right bid by N on this hand. Suppose N bid 4 and S put down say xx, AT9xx, KQTxx, x. Now, 4 went down 1 and 3S - on a 4-4 spades fit - also could not be made on a heart ruff by N ...
4S IMPs play
I am going up with A. Play 3 rounds of spades to discard the club from hand. Lead a diamond from dummy. We have 2 diamond losers. I hope to ruff one diamond in dummy and keep heart loser to one. If the defenders lead trumps after winning first diamond ...
Deep Finesse says I can make it
Suppose you hook the club at trick #5 instead of ruffing a heart. Take two rounds of clubs and throw S in with the third club. If S leads heart or club - ruff small. In the four cards ending W has J9, -, J8, - opposite KTxx - will always get two more ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: AK5 AKT5 KJ32 73
At the table I bid 3. Partner passed with QJTxx xx Qxxx xx and made 4 for +170. Partner felt that he has done enough with his 5 HCP and I had to bid either 4 or some other forcing bid like 3. I thought he should ...
Another Humpty Dumpty Bid?
It is quite possible that NS have 8 cards fit in only diamonds – if N has 4=1=5=3 and S has 3=6=3=1 shape. Even then why would you want to play in diamonds as Ai-Tai pointed out E is behind N. I can see NS ...
Showing the Queen of Spades
North’s double showed an opening hand. It did not promise tolerance for all three remaining suits. Board #1 : Bidding 3 was safer – either partner had spade support or partner had one or both minor suits. So, North would pull to 4 of a minor without spade support. Board ...
What is this double?
East could have red suits - 4H and longer D and short C. Could not double earlier because EW are not playing Equal Level Conversion Double. D not strong enough to overcall 2D; so, passed.

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